Best Camping Heated Blanket – Our Top Picks!

Written by: Karyn James

We’ve looked at some of the best camping electric blankets on the market. Here are the ones we found to be the most efficient at keeping you warm outdoors. Oh, and we’ve also included other options to keep you warm while you’re camping so keep reading!

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I don’t know about you, but I often get cold at night when we’re camping, even in the middle of summer. Once the sun goes down and the exertion from the day is over, that chill just settles in.

After spending more than a few nights shivering while sitting outside or trying to fall asleep, I decided to invest in a camping heated blanket. Let me tell you, it was worth it!

With a heated blanket, you can stay warm wherever you go. You don’t have to hang out next to a gas heater all night.

Below we take a closer look at different types of heated blankets to help you find the best electric blankets for camping.

Make sure you scroll down to read our guide and go through the frequently asked questions section to get the answers you need. Oh, we’ve also included other alternatives like heated sleeping bags, pads, vests, and more so keep reading!

Heated Blankets For Camping: Our Recommendations

Car Cozy Heated Blanket

Powered by: DC 12V | Size: 58 x 42 in. | Max Temp.115°F | Max. Draw: 4 amp (48W)

The Car Cozy heated blanket is a great option for camping, road trips, or emergencies.

The Car Cozy is made of fleece fabric that’s really soft and comfortable to sleep with. It’s large enough for our two kids to wrap themselves in. Even if there’s only one heat setting, we found the temperature just right.

Car Cozy electric blanket

We love the Car Cozy heated blanket because it’s really easy to use and plugs straight into your car’s cigarette lighter or any 12V socket. It warms up quickly, it’s super soft, comfy, and it’s perfect for camping!

The Car Cozy electric blanket heats up fast, and you don’t shiver long before it starts to work. It doesn’t come with a timer but the heat maxes out at 115°F.

It comes with a 12-volt power outlet and plugs directly into the cigarette lighter or any 12V socket which makes it easy to use off-the-grid. You can also run it for a few hours overnight off of a solar portable power station like the Jackery Explorer 1000.

The Car Cozy blanket only weighs about one pound and is easy to fold and store in the backseat of your car or RV, and we think it’s a great choice for camping.


  • Super soft fleece fabric
  • Big enough for 2 people
  • Timer and temperature control


  • Not machine washable

–> You can get the Car Cozy heated blanket here on Amazon.

Cozee Battery-Operated Heated Blanket

Powered by: Lithium Ion Battery | Size: 60 x 60 in. | Heat Settings: 3 | Watt usage: 96W

The Cozee battery-operated heated blanket is made of polyester and comes with a small battery pack. Not only is it a good choice for camping, but you can also keep it in the car for emergencies or to use at your kid’s sporting events.

This is a fully portable electric blanket. There is a pocket for the battery and you can carry it around without restriction like with the 12-Volt models.

The fleece interior is incredibly comfortable. It does get quite warm on the highest setting and holds in heat well. We found this one to be really good in colder weather.

Cozee electric heated blanket fabric

The Cozee Heating Blanket is water-resistant and comes with two USB ports, which is super handy to charge your phone!

The Cozee has a good quality wiring system that gives you even heat all over your body. It’s not as lightweight as the Car Cozy blanket but you can feel it’s good quality material. And, the best part, it comes with hand pockets which are great for keeping your hands warm on cooler nights.

This blanket has three heat settings and depending on which setting you’re on, it can stay warm for over five hours, which can definitely get you through the night. 

The Cozee battery powered blanket also has a pocket that stores the battery which comes in handy when you want to walk around with the blanket around you. The battery is easy to charge using either a 12-volt input or a standard wall plug. 


  • Nice heavy-duty blanket for sitting outside
  • Ability to charge your phone while using it
  • It heats up thoroughly and is great for someone with medical


  • A bit pricey

–> Grab the Cozee heated blanket here.

Great Working Tools Camping Heated Blanket

Powered by: DC 12V | Size: 55 x 40 in. | Temp. Range: 70-150°F | Max. Draw: 4 amp (48W)

The Great Working Tools 12 volt electric blanket is another great option for camping. But unlike other similar portable electric blankets, the Great Working Tools blanket is machine washable. This was a big plus for us because when you have young kids, machine-washable fabric comes in super handy!

You have the choice of low, medium, and high temperatures with this blanket. It’s made of fleece fabric and it takes about 5 minutes to warm up when you turn it on.

The Great Working Tools blanket weighs 1.7 pounds, it’s easy to fold and store when you’re not using it. We also liked that it comes with 3 options for the timer to turn off automatically after 30-45-60 minutes.

Overall, we think this is a pretty good blanket for camping. It’s soft, it’s warm and the fact you can disconnect the cord and throw it the washing machine totally makes it worth the extra bucks.


  • Really soft and warm
  • Machine washable


  • Not as large as the RoadPro

–> You can get the Great Working Tools Blanket here.

Powered by: USB port or Power Bank | Size: 51 x 31 in. | Heat Setting Options: 3

The PerfectPrime USB heated blanket is made from 100% cotton and soft plush microfleece and is super comfy. It heats up quickly and safely, which are both a big plus when you’re camping. 

You can plug it into any QC 4.0 power bank and it keeps you warm whether you’re sitting outside by the tent or relaxing in your RV.

The blanket measures 51 x 31 inches with the internal heating pad measuring 24 inches long x 12 inches wide. It weighs only 1.5 lbs so it’s super lightweight.

It comes with a USB cable and controller and it features three temperature settings. Note that you need to use a QC 4.0 power bank to be able to use it to its full capacity.

Overall, the PerfectPrime blanket may not be as warm as the other blankets on our list but it still does a decent job. We really liked how it requires only a small QC 4.0 power bank to keep warm when you’re off the grid.


  • Super soft
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable


  • Doesn’t come with a power bank

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Considerations When Choosing a Camping Electric Blanket


Safety is, of course, is key when using electric blankets. Nobody wants to deal with something that might catch fire while you’re asleep, in the middle of the woods.

Make sure your heated blanket has a UL or ETL marking on it, which shows that it follows strict safety standards. Also, check the type of plug it has to confirm that it works in the country where you are.


Make sure to buy your electric blanket close to the size of your bed or air mattress. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the elastics and cords of the blanket making it unusable, which is not fun to discover when you desperately need to warm up.

Ease of Use

Obviously, you want a battery-powered electric blanket for camping that is easy to use, but this can actually have a few meanings. Make sure to think about the following:

When sharing a bed with someone, choose a heating blanket that is able to regulate the two halves of the bed using separate controls. This will help immensely if your spouse likes to sleep hotter or colder than you do, and this will ensure you both wake up happy.

Temperature Range

Choose battery-powered electric blankets for camping that are appropriate where you live or plan to camp. Obviously, you want something that has a set range that will be able to keep you warm if the temperature dips below freezing.

You will find that most top-quality camping heated blankets come with up to five different settings, so you should always be able to adjust them to a temperature you feel comfortable with.

Most electric blankets will have a temperature range between 80⁰F and 108⁰F, which should keep the average person pretty toasty.


Typically, a battery-powered electric blanket for camping will range between $35 and $200. Make sure to find an electric blanket that has the features you want, but also falls within your budget.

Keep in mind that even if an electric blanket is expensive, it may offer more of the options you need and will most likely be of higher quality and more durable.

Programmable Settings

Some electric heated blankets will come with programmable settings allowing you to program them so that they start to heat up at a certain time. This can be a nice feature if you like the bed to be warm as soon as you get into it like me.


The Auto-off feature allows you to set the heat function to go off at a set time. This stops you from becoming too hot while you sleep, which can be just as bad as being too cold.

Digital screen

You will find that some electric blankets have a super handy digital screen that lets you read the controls during the night without having to find a flashlight, so you can reduce or increase the heat as needed.

Adjustable heat

Adjustable heat setting options on camping heated blankets will ensure you stay nice and toasty all night. This will allow you to choose the perfect temperature without always having to readjust it.

Dual controls

If you’re sharing your electric blanket, dual controls will help to adjust the setting for each side of the camping heated blanket. This way, you can both have the blanket set to your preferred temperature.

Machine washable

With machine-washable electric heated blankets, you can remove the plugs and controls. This is super handy, so you can throw the blanket into the washing machine for easy maintenance. This is a must-have feature when you have kids!

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How to Power Heated Blankets For Camping

There are a few ways to charge heated blankets for camping, two of which are surprisingly handy. Normally, you would expect to have to bring one of those noisy gas generators to the campsite to power anything. Not anymore.

These days some generators are more compact and run on electricity. Plus, there are newly designed power banks that not only power your camping heated blanket battery, but can also fit in your pocket, which comes in handy when you’re hiking.

Portable Generator

Traditionally, portable generators have been the way to power up anything at a campsite. With a modern twist, portable generators now run on electricity and can be easily recharged using your car battery or the sun.

A portable generator is a great option for a 12-volt or USB-powered electric blanket. And the best part of this option is that it can power other items at your campsite. This includes fans, a camping fridge, and your other personal devices.

The Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240  or the Jackery Explorer 1000 if you need more power for other electronics. These portable generators work really well for camping or even an emergency outage at home.

They’re Eco-friendly and quiet, these compact generators are great green power solutions that are designed specifically to charge things like mini-coolers, laptops, and electric blankets.

Power bank for camping

Power Bank

Our next power source can actually be carried in your pocket, which is great when you’re hiking or backpacking. It’s a good alternative to a larger power bank or a generator, especially if you really only have one or two things to power.

Make sure when choosing a power bank that it has the highest possible capacity (mAh) as well as the correct output to power your blanket. Some of these power banks can be recharged using solar panels and even come with two USB ports.

The Renogy Power Bank can not only power your portable electric blanket, but it also comes with a backup LED flashlight, which can definitely come in handy when you’re camping. It has a high capacity of 72000 mAh that can power a laptop, iPad, CPAP machine, and an electric blanket.

This is also a super-intelligent unit that comes with over-current, overcharge, and overheat protection and is a great choice for camping.

Alternatives to Camping Heated Blankets

A USB Heated Shawl

USB portable heated shawl

Powered by: USB port or Power Bank| Size: 55 x 32 in. | Heat Settings: 5

A shawl like this one is a good option if you want to be able to walk around with it on your shoulders. The ARRIS USB heated shawl is made from a soft fabric and high-quality material that is super cozy to wrap yourself up with. 

We liked that you can wear it on your shoulders and button it up so you don’t have to always hold it in place when you walk around with it. It also has a small pocket big enough for the power bank.

There are 6 internal heating elements that heat up fairly quickly which is a big plus when you’re camping.

The five temperature settings can reach up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit on the highest setting, which feels nice when you have sore muscles from a hike or a day out surfing.

A Heated Vest

Ororo heated vest for camping hiking

Powered by: 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery | Size: 87 x 32 x 20 in. | Heat Setting Options: 3 | Temp. Range: 100°F (low) – 130°F (high) 

We absolutely loved this vest so we had to add it to our list. The ORORO heated vest is designed to wear under your jacket. It’s battery-powered, and it can be worn by the whole family because it’s available in small all the way to XXXL sizes. 

The carbon fiber material is soft and safe and provides a steady temperature, for up to 10 working hours, so it will last you through an entire day.

It has four heat panels across the collar, mid-back, as well as underneath two pockets. You can control the various areas with different buttons to warm yourself up.

It also has built-in a thermal protection function that stops the jacket from producing heat when it reaches a certain temperature.

Overall, this is a pretty good-looking vest that is adjustable and easy to clean and is a great wearable option for camping, skiing, hunting, mountain climbing, or biking.

A Heated Sleeping Bag

Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag

Powered by: Power Bank | Size: 90 x 36 in. | Heat Settings: 3

If you want something that will keep you warm all night, a sleeping bag is your best bet. We’ve tried this Mantuole Mummy Heated Sleeping Bag and we found it really nice to sleep in. 

It comes with three temperature settings and you can use a mobile power bank to power it. It’s also good for temperatures as low as 30°F which makes it perfect for camping in colder weather.

The Mantuole heated sleeping bag comes with a compression sack that makes it easy to carry and put in your pack. It’s made of lightweight.

Note: We’ve tried the basic model which I personally found just right because I run a little hot when I sleep. If you tend to get cold at night or plan on camping in winter, there is also a “Plus” model that’s a bit thicker and that’s suitable for temperatures down to 23°F.

A Heated Mattress Pad

ElectroWarmth heated mattress pad

Powered by: 12V, Power Bank | Size: 60 x 36 x 1 in. | Heat Settings: 1

Another way to keep warm at night is with a heated sleeping pad. We’ve tried two of the ElectroWarmth heated pads in our camper and we found them warm and really cozy.    

We’ve pinned them to the mattress with the included pins and they stayed well in place.

They don’t use too much power either, up to 6.2 amps on high. We’ve had ours wired directly to a 12v lithium battery. You can also use 120v-to-12v power adapters when you have shore power. 

Overall, we really liked these pads because contrary to a heated blanket which you need to wrap yourself with and can’t really take off without getting cold, the pad’s heat radiates from under you and stays under the covers. So even if you get a bit hot and push the covers off you still feel the warmth under your body.       

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric blankets safe?

While there are some risks associated with using electric heated blankets, they are fairly safe to use. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the connections are not damaged, there shouldn’t be any incidents such as fires or burns.

Look for the following features to ensure your blanket meets all safety requirements. Look for safety features such as a rheostat control. This not only controls the temperature of the wires but also measures your body temperature and controls the wire temperature accordingly. This is a handy feature that reduces the risk of fire and burns.

A timer is a great thing to have so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot if you fall asleep while using the electric blanket. Look for internal temperature controls that turn the blanket off before it overheats.

Can you leave electric blankets on all night?

While you’re camping in cold weather, it can be tempting to run your camping heated blanket all night. While a well-maintained electric blanket is unlikely to cause any problems, it is not recommended to keep it on all night. 

In saying this, if you have a blanket with a timer or internal temperature controls, it’s very unlikely you will overheat. I’ve used mine on the low heat setting when the temperature went down to 30 F (Brrrr) and let me tell you, I did not get too hot. I even slept with my head under it and it was bliss!

If you’re worried about using an electric blanket overnight, you can plug it in and lay it flat on the bed to warm it up, and turn it off before you fall asleep. Some models have a timer so that you can fall asleep without worrying about getting too hot.

Final Thoughts: Electric Blanket Camping

Although all the heating devices above will do a great job at keeping you warm, the winner of our best camping heated blanket roundup is the Car Cozy Electric Blanket for Camping.

We found this 12-volt heated blanket the most versatile as it’s perfect for camping, boating, and sporting events. We liked that it’s super soft, heats up really quickly, it’s machine washable and it’s large enough for two adults or three kids!

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    • I clean ours with a damp cloth with warm water and a bit of laundry detergent and I lay it flat to dry. It does the trick 😉

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