Best Camping in Missouri – 30 Campgrounds You Must Visit

Written by: Ash James

If you’re looking for the best camping in Missouri, look no further than this comprehensive list of the best places to visit! 

Not only have I spent ample time exploring all that Missouri’s wilderness has to offer, but we consulted other avid campers around us and performed extensive research to make sure we left no camping stone unturned. 

Without further ado, let’s begin!

The 30 best places to camp in Missouri

Mark Twain State Park Campsite

1. Mark Twain State Park

  • Phone: (573) 565-3440
  • Address: 37352 Shrine Rd, Florida, MO 65283
  • Amenities: running water, electric hookups, restrooms, laundry, showers

With over 100 camping sites, most of which have electric hookups, Mark Twain State Park is perfect for tent campers and RVers alike. In addition, the campground offers six rustic cabins that campers can reserve. 

Mark Twain State Park is perfect for those interested in hiking, boating, or fishing. If you plan on camping in the summer, you and your family can take advantage of the interpretive programs offered by the park’s appointed naturalist. 

Graham Cave State Park

2. Graham Cave State Park

  • Phone: (573) 564-3476
  • Address: 217 State Hwy TT, Danville, MO 63361
  • Amenities: running water, restrooms, laundry, showers

Graham Cave State Park is the ideal summer camping destination for history buffs and casual campers alike!

The campground has over 50 campsites with amenities such as onsite laundry and showers, and there are seemingly endless activities. 

An absolute must while visiting the campground, you can explore Graham Cave itself and learn about the people who used to inhabit it, or simply enjoy your natural surroundings and take a hike, a dip in the lake, or go boating or fishing. 

3. Knob Noster State Park

  • Phone: (660) 563-2463
  • Address: 873 SE 10 Rd, Knob Noster, MO 65336
  • Amenities: running water, restrooms, dump station, showers

Knob Noster State Park is often overlooked when discussing the best camping in Missouri, but this peaceful spot is perfect for some R&R. 

There are 70 campsites total, over half of which have electric hookups, and Clearfork Creek offers swimming, boating, and fishing.

In addition, the beautiful woods provide ample trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, particularly enjoyable when the fall colors are at their best. 

4. Lewis and Clark State Park

  • Phone: (816) 579-5564
  • Address:  801 Lakecrest Blvd, Rushville, MO 64484
  • Amenities: running water, restrooms, laundry, showers, playground

Lewis and Clark State Park is an excellent spot for those looking to enjoy the beautiful Lewis and Clark Lake. The lake offers excellent water activities for families, and the park is particularly alluring to birdwatchers in the spring and summer. Great blue herons, swans, and geese are just a few of the types of birds that you can observe at this park.  

In terms of accommodations, there are 70 campsites total, only 7 of which don’t have electric hookups. 

5. Wallace State Park

  • Phone: (816) 632-3745
  • Address: 10621 MO-121, Cameron, MO 64429
  • Amenities: running water, restrooms, laundry, showers

Only 45 minutes from downtown Kansas City, Wallace State Park is the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway. The park offers year-round camping, and the trees surrounding the lake are particularly beautiful in the fall. 

There are 88 sites in total, most of which have electric hookups. However, a few of the sites are walk-ins for tent camping only. 

Enjoy fishing, boating, or swimming in the lake, or take to one of the four hiking trails around the campground.

6. Cottonwoods RV Park

  • Phone: (573) 474-2747
  • Address: 5170 N Oakland Gravel Rd, Columbia, MO 65202
  • Amenities: restrooms, laundry, playground, pool, recreation room

Cottonwoods RV Park is designed explicitly for RV campers and is especially appealing to families with young children. Each RV spot has a concrete patio and picnic table, and there are ample activities and amenities, including a rec center with movies and an outdoor swimming pool.

With 83 designated RV campsites located just outside of Columbia, this campground is popular during football season amongst people looking for a place to camp when they come to town for the University of Missouri games. 

7. Devil’s Backbone Wilderness

  • Phone:  (417) 683-4428
  • Address: Pottersville, MO 65790
  • Amenities: None, this is free camping at its best!

Devil’s Backbone Wilderness is an entire wilderness area in the Mark Twain National Forest. Unlike many of the other campgrounds on this list, Devil’s Backbone doesn’t offer any amenities, as the camping is all dispersed, primitive camping. 

However, this is an excellent choice for car campers, backpackers, and even those who want to take a camping trip on horseback.

You can enjoy the sprawling Missouri wilderness and water features in the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness.

8. Crowder State Park

  • Phone: (660) 359-6473
  • Address: 8598, 76 MO-128, Trenton, MO 64683
  • Amenities: running water, shower, dump station, playground

Crowder State Park boasts a sprawling 1,912-acre park with over 17 miles of hiking trails and an 18-acre lake. 

In the summer, the lake is an excellent place to go swimming, boating, or fishing, and in the fall, you can enjoy the leaves changing along the waterfront. 

This is a quiet and intimate campground that offers 41 campsites, over half of which have electric hookups.

Alley Spring Missouri

9. Alley Spring Campground

  • Phone: 573-323-4236
  • Address: MO-106, Eminence, MO 65466
  • Amenities: paved roads, running water, showers

Alley Spring Campground is one of the more stunning campgrounds on our list and is surrounded by natural areas that can provide you with endless activities. 

The water is pristine, and you can go swimming, fishing, or boating in the summer. Then, in the fall, you can admire the incredible landscape of changing colors. 

The campground offers more than 90 campsites, many of which are RV compatible.  

10. Table Rock State Park

  • Phone: 877-422-6766
  • Address: N/A
  • Amenities: running water, showers, laundry, dump station

With nearly 250 campsites, Table Rock State Park has ample activities and more than enough accommodations for large groups.

The big draw at this campground is its proximity to Table Rock Lake, which is a massive lake on which you can have fun swimming, fishing, kayaking, or even enjoying motorized water sports.  

11. Hawn State Park

  • Phone: (573) 883-3603
  • Address: 12096 Park Dr #8121, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, playground

Hawn State Park is one of Missouri’s most impressive camp offerings. The park covers nearly 500 acres, and nature lovers will have endless opportunities to experience the outdoors by doing whatever activities appeal to them most.

There are ample hiking trails, particularly enjoyable in the fall, and in the Spring and Summer, campers can enjoy the rushing water features, gorgeous wildflowers, and incredible bird watching. 

The campground has 43 established sites, roughly half of which have electric hookups, and there are walk-in sites and ten backcountry sites for tent camping.

12. Pershing State Park

  • Phone: (660) 963-2299
  • Address: 29277 Missouri 130, Laclede, MO 64651
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

Pershing State Park is ideal if you’re looking for a tranquil campground to get away. While the campground lacks many amenities that might be more suitable for families, such as playgrounds or swimming pools, it more than makes up for this with natural beauty.

Enjoy hiking trails and bird watching in the spring and summer, as the marshy landscape attracts many species, and take in the serene surroundings. 

The campground offers nearly 40 campsites, the majority of which have electric hookups. 

13. Lazy Day Campground

  • Phone: (573) 564-2949
  • Address: 214 State Hwy J, Danville, MO 63361
  • Amenities: swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, fenced-in dog park, restrooms, showers, laundry

With over 50 RV spots, the Lazy Day campground is designed for family camping trips. Between the stocked catch and release fishing pond, proximity to Lake David, and family movie nights, there are abundant activities for the whole family.

Lazy Day is a great campground to enjoy the summer weather, but with only five tent spots, we recommend it for those who intend to camp in their RV or trailer. 

14. Roaring River State Park

  • Phone: (417) 847-2539
  • Address: 12716 Farm Rd 2239, Cassville, MO 65625
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

As the name implies, Roaring River State Park is beloved for its gorgeous scenery and access to beautiful water features. 

Swimmers and anglers love Roaring River for its laid-back environment and proximity to water. Hikers can enjoy themselves on any one of the seven hiking trails accessible from the campground.

There are nearly 200 campsites, ample sites with electric (and sewer) hookups, and even a few cabins available for rent. 

15. Bliss Spring Campground

  • Phone: N/A
  • Address: Fremont, MO 63941
  • Amenities: None

Like Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, Bliss Spring Campground is an untouched, incredibly secluded, primitive camping spot in the Ozarks. However, Bliss Spring Campground doesn’t offer any amenities because of its remoteness, as the camping is all dispersed, primitive camping. 

You can still car camp at Bliss Spring, find walk-in sites, or do backcountry camping despite not having facilities. 

Simply spend your summer enjoying the remote wilderness and water features that Bliss Spring has to offer.

16. Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park

  • Phone: (573) 546-2450
  • Address: 148 Taum Sauk Trail, Middle Brook, MO 63656
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park is one of Missouri’s state treasures and is one of the most naturally fun recreation areas in the state. 

Swimming in the Shut-Ins is essentially like swimming in a natural water park, and while it may not be safe for unmonitored children, it’s bustling and delightful in the summertime. 

After a day of splashing around in the water, you can retreat to one of the nearly 100 campsites, some of which are available for equestrian use and many of which have electric hookups. 

17. Montauk State Park

  • Phone: (573) 546-2450
  • Address: 148 Taum Sauk Trail, Middle Brook, MO 63656
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

Some of the best camping in Missouri can be found in Montauk State Park. You can choose from both basic and electric campsites. This park is located right by the Current River and makes it an ideal location for fishing or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Additionally, you can now reserve your campsite up to 12 months in advance, giving you plenty of time to prepare for your next camping trip.

18. Pomme De Terre State Park

  • Phone: (417) 852-4291
  • Address: Hwy. 64B, Pittsburg, MO 65724
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

Pomme De Terre State Park is an excellent option if you want to get away for a weekend and particularly for families looking to enjoy the water. 

Pomme De Terre is great for fishing, as the lake has many varieties, swimming, and general fun in the water, and with nearly 250 campsites, there’s sure to be room, even if you want to go camping with friends.

19. Bennett Springs State Park

  • Phone: (417) 532-4338
  • Address: 26250 MO-64A, Lebanon, MO 65536
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

Bennet Springs State Park is known in Missouri amongst anglers as being one of the best places to both fish and camp.

With ample campsites (over 100) and a few cabins to rent, this is an excellent choice for group or family camping. 

Come in the summer when the fish are plentiful and enjoy the wilderness area as a bonus!

20. Huzzah Valley Resort

  • Phone: 800-367-4516
  • Address: 970 E, MO-8, Steelville, MO 65565, United States
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

If you’re looking for more of a glamping experience, Huzzah Valley Resort will make an excellent summer destination. 

You can camp along miles of the riverside tent or RV spots or one of several primitive cabins. 

Activities include fishing, floating, horseback riding, and so much more.

21. Lake of the Ozark’s State Park

  • Address: 257 Public Beach Rd, Brumley, MO 65017
  • Phone: (877) 422-6766
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

Lake of the Ozark’s State Park is a fabulous destination because of its versatility in camping accommodations and outdoor activities.

You can stay in one of the more than 100 campsites in either a tent or RV or rent a primitive cabin. 

The lake itself is one of the biggest in Missouri, and campers can enjoy the water or hiking trails on foot, mountain bike, or horseback.

22. Truman State Park

  • Phone: (660) 438-7711
  • Address: 28761 State Park Road West, Warsaw, MO 65355
  • Amenities: running water, laundry, showers, dump station

Harry S. Truman State Park has six established campgrounds where you can can set up a tent or RV in the spring through fall. One of the campgrounds is available year-round. 

The park offers an absolutely enormous lake on which people can enjoy swimming, fishing, or boating in the summer. In the fall, campers can enjoy the spectacular fall foliage display as the trees change colors. 

23. Klondike Park

  • Phone: (636) 949-7535
  • Address: 4600 S Missouri 94, Augusta, MO 63332
  • Amenities: running water, showers, playgrounds

Klondike Park is an idyllic campground for warm-weather family fun. The campground boasts 43 sites for tent camping and RV camping, and so long as you make your reservations early enough, you can stay in one of the six primitive cabins in the park. 

The park has sprawling paved trails that are perfect for hiking and biking for those who aren’t interested in more rugged mountain biking. 

In addition, campers can enjoy the fully stocked lakes for fishing or simply take a swim or go for a kayak ride. Don’t miss a quick trip to the beautiful bluffs while you’re there to take in the scenery.

24. Bell Mountain Wilderness Camping

  • Phone: N/A
  • Address: 1373 Hwy O, Belleview, MO 63623
  • Amenities: None

Bell Mountain Wilderness is another wilderness area on the list that only offers backcountry camping and is devoid of much of the amenities of some of the other campsites on this list. 

While Bell Mountain Wilderness is not a camping choice for beginners, this wilderness area is a must-see if you’re a more seasoned backpacker living in Missouri. 

Take in the sweeping views and water features, and enjoy the quiet remoteness of being far away from anywhere else.

Dispersed camping is allowed anywhere in the wilderness area, so long as your party size is below ten people and your camp is at least 100 feet away from the trail or a water source. 

25. Meramec Caverns

  • Phone: (573) 468-3166
  • Address: 1135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • Amenities: running water, restrooms, showers, dump station

Meramec Caverns are a must-see for anyone living in Missouri and are an especially great option if you’re looking for a unique experience. 

There are a number of accommodations available in the area, and while you can stay in one of the 100 tent camping spots or 40 RV spots, you can also take your stay up a notch by staying in a motel

If you’re looking for more adventures than your average camping trip, consider a trip to Meramec Caverns, where you can zipline, take a canoe or rafting trip through the caverns, and so much more. 

26. America’s Best Campground

  • Phone: (417) 336-4399
  • Address: 499 Buena Vista Rd, Branson, MO 65616
  • Amenities: WiFi, pool, spa, playground

America’s Best Campground is the perfect glamping campground for families in Missouri. It’s an ideal place to stay if you’re looking for more activities than the average primitive campground. 

Not only does America’s best offer amenities such as a swimming pool and spa, but it goes one step further with additional amenities such as its concierge service and gift shop. 

If you’re looking for a campground that feels more like a summer camp, consider staying in one of the nearly 150 RV sites (tent camping is allowed as well, but it is better suited to RVs) or several primitive cabin rentals. 

27. Weston Bend State Park

  • Phone: (816) 640-5443
  • Address: 16600 MO-45, Weston, MO 64098
  • Amenities: running water, showers, dump station

Weston Bend State Park is the perfect destination for families that are looking to unplug, get away, and enjoy nature and each other for a few days.

Its proximity to Kansas City makes it a convenient destination for a summer weekend. The general tranquility and lack of flashy amenities ensure that your activities will focus more on each other and the scenery around you. 

You can enjoy the paved hiking and biking trails and scenic lookouts as you stay at one of the 37 campsites, suitable for tents or RVs. The small size of the campground ensures that you’ll have an excellent time without nearly as much foot traffic as many of the other campgrounds on this list.

28. Thousand Hills State Park

  • Phone: (660) 665-6995
  • Address: 20431 MO-157, Kirksville, MO 6350
  • Amenities: running water, showers, dump station

With just over 50 campsites that are suitable for tents or RVs, Thousand Hills State Park is scenic and primitive enough for campers to enjoy the basic amenities while thriving in the outdoors. 

The campground is right alongside Forest Lake, offering easy access to activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing. 

In addition, the wilderness area is absolutely stunning, particularly in the fall, and the remoteness of the scenery means that there’s a good chance you’ll have the privilege of seeing birds and other wildlife. 

29. Baxter Campground

  • Phone: (417) 779-5370
  • Address: 4631 Missouri H, Lampe, MO 65681
  • Amenities: running water, boat ramp, showers, dump station

Baxter Campground is the perfect getaway if you’re looking to enjoy the water for a while. Baxter Campground is another campground devoted to offering you all that Table Rock Lake has to offer, which is sure to entertain you and your family for a weekend.

Whether you’re interested in tent camping or setting up your RV, stay in any one of the 54 sites this relatively small campground has to offer. 

It’s perfect for a summer getaway, spend your days fishing, swimming, or boating, and then retreat to the beautiful campground for a warm shower and a waterfront picnic.

30. Big Lake State Park

  • Phone: (660) 771-6341
  • Address: 7181, 204 Lake Shore Dr, Craig, MO 64437
  • Amenities: running water, playground, showers, dump station

As the name suggests, the big draw at Big Lake State Park is the expansive water feature. The lake is excellent if you’re looking to enjoy fishing, swimming, or boating. It even offers chances to view native birds in the marshier areas. 

The campground offers 76 sites total, 59 of which are available for RV use. The other 17 sites can only be used for tent camping and are located right along the water’s edge with tranquil views of the lake. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 30 best places to camp in Missouri. These selections were based on our personal experience, extensive online research, and camper reviews. 

If you have any comments on these campgrounds or a favorite place to go camping in Missouri that I didn’t mention in this article, please share your thoughts below!

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