What’s The Best Fishing Backpack?

Written by: Ash James

We looked at some of the best fishing backpack brands taking into account different needs and expectations. We’re happy to present our favorite five fishing backpacks that will appeal to different needs and budgets. Let’s dive in!

Camping and fishing often go hand in hand. Fishing is not only a great activity to get the kids excited about catching their own dinner, but it can also be a great way to relax with your friends and family.

If you plan on spending a good amount of time fishing during your camping trip, then finding the right bag for storing your items is important. 

There’s a wide variety of brands on the market where each comes with unique features like waterproof coating, meshed pockets, a padded back, waist straps, etc…

You will find below we’ve included some useful information to help you choose the best fishing backpack that will suit your needs and expectations. 

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Fishing Backpacks: Our Recommendations

Best Fishing Backpacks: Quick Answers

1. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

Dimensions: 12.6’’ x 7.9’’ x 17.7’’ | Weight: 7.8 pounds | Material: Water-resistant 600D high density nylon

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The Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack is a great choice if you’re looking for a durable fishing backpack to use on your fishing trips year after year.

It’s made of premium quality water-resistant 1200D high-density nylon. This coupled with the quality KAM buckle and SBS zippers make this bag one of the most durable we’ve seen.

We liked how the fabric has been given 86 classic sewing procedures to make it tough while also giving it higher water resistance.

Inside the Piscifun backpack, you will find 11 independent compartments, and you can use the attached SBS zippers to further subdivide the compartments into 18 small spaces.

Once inside the main bag, there’s a removable clapboard if you want to create a larger storage area for your clothes or other items. If you would like to create two separate spaces to store your gear, all you have to do is open or close the clapboard.

Overall, the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack is a quality fishing backpack with good storage space. It would suit anyone wanting a heavy-duty bag suitable for fresh or saltwater fishing.

  • Great water-resistance.
  • Comes with a protective rain cover.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Reflective strips for nightime safety.
  • Ergonomically designed breathable back and shoulder straps.
  • Sunglasses case won’t fit large frames

Dimensions: 12″ x 8.7″ x 6″ | Weight: 1.4 pounds | Material: Water-resistant 1000D nylon

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Are you looking for a simple and super lightweight fishing backpack? The Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Backpack may be what you’re after.

The Fiblink waterproof bag is made with premium quality 1000D heavy-duty nylon that is water-resistant and wear-resistant. The design includes a high-density ribbon that makes the bag resistant to tears.

This Fiblink bag is well-made with a good quality KAM buckle and a decent pressure and wear resistance that makes it durable. This bag also has SBS zippers that open and close work smoothly.

It comes with several compartments as well as exterior pockets for more storage space. Once you buy the bag, you will also get a water bottle bag, a pole bag, and a toolkit.

The back and shoulder straps of the Fiblink backpack are made of a breathable mesh to enhance comfort. This is made even better by the ergonomically lengthened and widened shoulder straps which help reduce fatigue when carrying the bag for long periods.

If you’re looking to get the best value for your money, then Fiblink Waterproof Sports Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag makes a great choice.

Its versatility makes it the right backpack for fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, and any other outdoor sporting activities.

  • Super lightweight.
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder straps to help achieve a true fit.
  • Comes fitted with a belt so you can fit the bag firmly while carrying a heavy load.
  • The waterproofing is not as good as other models we’ve reviewed.

3. Wild River Nomad Tackle LED Lighted Backpack

Dimensions: 15 x 9.2 x 21 in | Weight: 7.8 pounds | Material: Water-resistant nylon

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The Wild River Nomad fishing backpack will suit both seasoned and occasional fishermen.

This backpack might be the most innovative bag on the market since it has an integrated LED light system that allows you to continue fishing at dawn or dusk.

Interestingly, the bag features a self-retractable steel cable lanyard where you can store your small fishing tools, keys, etc. Furthermore, the lanyard is removable to allow convenient usage of the bag.

Another feature that sets this backpack apart from the rest is the handy work surface it comes with that consists of a front pocket cover that can be folded down.

No matter what type of fisherman you are, you will love the Wild River Nomad fishing backpack because it provides all the space and features you need for a fishing adventure.

  • Large adjustable shoulder straps with additional sternum strap.
  • Good lumbar padding.
  • Protective rain cover.
  • Great lighted workspace.
  • Some people argue that the compartment dividers could be of better quality.

4. KastKing Fishing Tackle Backpack Fishing Bag

Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 21 in | Weight: 3 pounds | Material: Waterproof nylon

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The KastKing Day Tripper is a lightweight backpack with many unique features and provides good fishing gear capacity for your fishing day trips in fresh or saltwater.

It comes with a durable 420D rip-stop nylon fabric that is super tough. The external hydrophobic coating is highly efficient at repelling moisture. The interior of the bag is made of a PVC layer that offers more protection against water.

The Kastking backpack is super convenient because it has double rod storage pockets with integrated adjustable bungee loops to secure the fishing rod/s in place. Moreover, the KastKing Fishing Tackle Backpack also comes with integrated D-rings that offer proper attachment points for the safekeeping of your fishing tools.

The Kastking fishing backpack is a functional tackle storage backpack that is also really comfortable. It has a padded back pad, waist strap, and shoulder strap to reduce fatigue during a long day of fishing. The fleece-lined top pocket will also ensure your eyewear stays protected. 

We really liked the comfort and functionality of the KastKing Day Tripper Backpack and tackle storage system. We’re happy to recommend this bag to anyone wanting an affordable and convenient fishing backpack.

  • Large adjustable shoulder straps with additional Lightweight.
  • Waterproof.
  • Good amount of storage space for proper tackle organization.
  • Fleece-lined top pocket for safe storage of eye wear.
  • Padded back, shoulder straps, and waist strap.
  • Some reports about the carrying strap ripping.

5. Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag

Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.2 x 21.2 in | Weight: 3 pounds | Material: Waterproof PVC 500D fabric

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Are you looking for a lightweight backpack you can use for fishing, boating, kayaking, surfing, or rafting? The Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag may offer the versatility your need. 

The Piscifun Dry Bag is made of a rugged but flexible 500D PVC fabric that is also waterproof regardless of how wet and rough the weather is.

The bag features an innovative design that incorporates an adjustable strap that is padded to enhance comfort while carrying it. The outer mesh pocket gives you breathable storage space for your items. You will also get an elastic rope attached to the bag so you can hold clothing and other fishing accessories.

The backpack also comes with fully welded seams that make it super strong and waterproof. The solid roll-top closure is super efficient at sealing out water.

The bag features an IPX8 certified waterproof phone case. Moreover, the Piscifun Dry Bag is made with a high-definition window that comes with a 100 percent secure seal lock that works alongside the tough design for durability.

This may not be a complete fishing backpack like the other ones we’ve reviewed but if you’re looking for a bag that will keep your fishing tools and accessories bone dry for the day, the Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag could be what you’re looking for.

  • Strong seal construction.
  • It comes with a phone case for your device.
  • It floats.
  • The straps are a bit long and may not fit a smaller person.

Buying Guide For The Best Fishing Backpacks

Factors To Consider When Buying a Fishing Backpack

The choice of the best fishing backpack depends on several factors, including the type of fishing you will be doing. Will you be shore fishing or throwing the line off the pier? Will you go fly fishing? Or will you be spending the day out on the water? 

You will find a variety of fishing backpacks on the market that cater to specific needs. Here are some factors to consider to be able to pick the right backpack for your needs.


Your comfort should be the first thing in mind when shopping for a fishing backpack. You need to go for a bag with a padded back, shoulder straps, and waist straps for comfort. Wider and lengthened shoulder straps also enhance your comfort because you may be carrying the bag for long hours while fishing.

Additionally, be sure to go for a backpack made from a breathable fabric in these areas to ensure you don’t sweat too much when carrying it.


For durability purposes, look out for the construction material featured in the making of the bag. Most brands as you will get to see in the review are made of heavy-duty nylon, which is not only strong but also resistant to wear and tear.


How long will you be fishing and what type of fish are you looking to catch? If you’re planning short day trips, you may not need the same amount of gear and space you would need for longer offshore fishing trips. 

Answering these two questions will guide you into choosing the right backpack size. If you plan on fishing for multiple days, then a larger bag will definitely come in handy.

How big or small are you? Your body size also dictates the proper bag size for comfort.


Most of the top-rated fishing backpacks feature multiple storage compartments. In fact, most of them have a large compartment for multiple fishing tackle boxes. You should also look out for the presence of a phone storage case, a dry storage pack, loops, elastic lines, hooks, fishing rod, sunglasses, etc.

Water Resistance

You will be out fishing which means you will be dealing with water all the way. No matter what type of fishing you do, your gear could potentially get wet. You, therefore, need to go for a backpack with waterproof features to help keep your stored items safe and dry.

Furthermore, in case it rains while you’re outdoors, then your items will not be soaked. Consider buying a bag that is also mud resistant to ensure that you don’t have a hard time cleaning it.

family fishing

Benefits of a Fishing Backpack vs Regular Backpack

To be honest, I’ve used a regular backpack before and it did the job ok. In saying this, it really depends on the type of fishing you will be doing and the amount of gear you plan on carrying with you.

If you are just wanting to throw the line in off the bank for fun, a complete fishing backpack may be a bit of an overkill for you.

Check out our guide for the best EDC backpack if you think this would be more suitable for what you need.

A smaller and more versatile waterproof bag could be more suited for your needs. However, if you are planning entire days out on the water, you will definitely need a durable and waterproof fishing backpack. 

Bear in mind that a regular backpack may not have any holders for your rod(s) and might not be strong enough if you carry a lot of weight. It may not be water-resistant either.

If you’re planning several fishing adventures I would recommend you look for a backpack that’s reinforced and suitable for fishing.

What Do You Put in a Fishing Backpack?

Let’s take a look at a list of items you may want to take with you on your fishing adventure.

  • Rod and reel– You may also want to carry extra rods with you to give yourself some options on your trip.
  • Tackle boxes – To store your hooks, extra lines, lures, flies, sinkers etc.
  • Bait – You will appreciate a fishing backpack with a cooler compartment to store your bait to avoid having to deal with very unpleasant smells!
  • Water/Snacks – A day out on the water will make you hungry and thirsty so don’t forget to bring food and plenty of water. A cooler compartment in a fishing backpack is also great to store these as well. 
  • Tools/Accessories – You will need some pockets for your cell phone, sunglasses, sunblock small knife, pliers and cloths. A small first aid kit can also come in handy.
  • Documents – You need a waterproof compartment to store your ID, wallet and fishing permit.

By establishing the type of fishing you will be doing and the gear you plan on taking with you, it will be easier to determine the type of fishing backpack you need.

How To Choose The Best Fishing Backpack

Here are the main features to look out for when choosing the best fishing backpack for your personal needs.

Storage options

When shopping for a fishing backpack, as I mentioned before, you need to consider the storage space available in each of the bags you are reviewing. Side pockets, divided compartments with foldable packs, and pouches make the storage of your gear convenient.

Rod Holders

Make sure that the fishing backpack comes with rod holders so you don’t have to hold your rod(s) while hiking to your fishing spot. A good fishing backpack should come with at least two rod holders. 

Outside Pockets

Mesh pockets also make it easier for you to view the items you have stored.

Waterproof Zippers

Consider the quality of the zippers fitted on a bag and check whether they create a watertight system to ensure the inside of the bag stays dry. The seams should also be done well to improve the bag’s water resistance. Some bags include a waterproof cover while others are made from a waterproof coating with the aim of keeping your items dry all through.

Work Surface

Some of the best fishing backpacks come equipped with a fold-out tray you can use as a workspace.

Cooling Compartment

Some fishing backpacks feature an innovative design that incorporates a cooling compartment to keep the bait and fish fresh throughout your day. These are also good to keep your food and drinks cold on a hot summer day. 

LED Light

Some bags also feature LED lights so you can fish in the dusk or dawn without worrying about the dark.

Final Thoughts

Even though all five fishing backpacks are great options, as the best fishing tackle bag we singled out the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack as our favorite. We love that it can hold up to four hard tackle boxes.

The bag can be configured how you like by adjusting one flap to maximize storage space. We were quite amazed to see how much equipment and tackle we could fit in this bag. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty fishing backpack that can carry all your gear, this bag won’t let you down.

Check out our camping equipment section for more guides like this.

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